I’m a gamer, I like to consume science fiction and fantasy media in a variety of forms, I’m a tech-lover, I’m a gadget geek and I even like writing more things in my free time despite doing that for a living. I get as excited when I talk about the latest MMO design concepts as I do when I start discussing the newest standards in Wi-Fi: all kinds of excited. After all, I grew up around computers and there has been basically no point in my life that I haven’t had one. Technology has been such a central part of my life that I figure becoming a big geek was probably inevitable.

I’m a community manager for EA’s mobile division, though in the past I’ve also dabble in both the technology and gaming spheres as a journalist, blogger, editor and social media manager. In the past, I’ve written for gaming sites like The WarCry Network – sister site of The Escapist, although it has only recently been revived – and MMORPG.com. I’ve also worked in the high tech industry at both Bigfoot Networks and Qualcomm. I have an extensive background in both fields and, with my skills in technical communications, I can translate complicated concepts into easily understood ones